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A message from the Board

By: Kerry Murphy

  11.00 AM 29 July, 2011

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In rolling out our vision and mission as part of the "Creating our Future Together" program, we were describing CFA as a community-based fire and emergency services organisation. Feedback from our members is that we should be referred to as a volunteer and community-based fire and emergency services organisation. The Board formally adopted this description, which acknowledges both our volunteer and community base, at its July meeting.

Reaffirming who we are and what we do unites us and helps focus our energies as preparations for the next fire season pick up pace. Final positions on community safety policies for the 2011-2012 fire season were progressed at a multi-agency work shop in July. Plans are in place for multi-agency pre fire season briefings to take place from September.

Chief Officer Euan Ferguson has proposed an annual bushfire burnover drill. The drill would reinforce CFA's safety first culture and ensure that critical survival drills are known, practised and instinctive. Consultation is proposed with District Planning Committees, the VFBV and the UFU.

Meanwhile CFA has proposed the documentation of high level intent, command and control arrangements and community safety policy in a single handbook for this fire season.

Significant rainfall in Gippsland in late July once again saw CFA supporting SES is flood response and incident management.

The interim report of the Comrie Victorian Floods Review has been received with great interest. Mr Comrie shed a new light on the State's emergency management framework, calling for an all-hazards all-agencies approach to managing emergencies. Upcoming reviews soon to be released (at the time of writing) include Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission implementation monitor report, the report on the Tostaree fire in Gippsland this year, and the Honourable David Jones Review into CFA support for its Volunteers.

We welcome the rigorous scrutiny of these reviews, recognising that the recommendations from these will be catalysts for further improvement. The proposed new structure for CFA will position the organisation well in driving changes from these inquiries.

Finally, two employees respected as strong contributors to a progressive CFA are moving on. Robert Rankin has retired after many years of dedication to our truck fleet and, by extension, the safety of our crews. Deputy Chief Officer Geoff Conway has resigned having achieved excellence in a number of key roles since the mid-1990s and will be missed when he steps down at the end of September.

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