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From the Chief Officer: response times

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  5.19 PM 7 August, 2017

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The Select Committee inquiring into the Victorian government’s fire services legislation requested CFA provide response time data for our brigades.

This data will be published on the Select Committee website today. You can find the Select Committee website here:

 I’d like to make a couple of important points about this, particularly given it is the first time response data has been published in this form.

The data published by the Select Committee focuses on classification 4 and 5 brigades, situated predominantly around Melbourne’s urban fringe and major regional centres.

Our people do a tremendous job of keeping Victorians safe, but these figures do show where we meet service delivery standards and where we need to improve.

While an important accountability measure, it should not be viewed in isolation.

In addition to service delivery in urban and regional areas, these brigades provide services to the broader community as part of our surge capacity for campaign fires.

Let me be clear, the response time data does underscore where greater flexibility in our sector would provide a capacity to improve service delivery.

Across the board, our people provide a world-class firefighting service, but it is clear there are some limitations within our current system.

We will continue to deliver services to the community while looking at ways we can improve on the quality of those services into the future.

Steve Warrington

Chief Officer

Last Updated: 07 August 2017