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A moment of 'new media' terror


  11.00 AM 22 September, 2009

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Do you remember that terrifying moment at school when you had to make a presentation to the class? Every kid was watching. The teacher was watching. It felt like time was standing still.

You spoke, you waited, you held your breath. What happened next generally depended on whether you chose to talk about something interesting, like the footy, or something that could sink you in three short minutes of desperately mumbled phrases; your pet dog's new kennel perhaps.

Well we had a bit of a moment like that recently when we released an interview with new CEO Mick Bourke. As well as the legit interview with Mick, we thought we'd have a bit of fun around the side.

With no acting experience, the same level of natural talent and only a couple of hours to throw it together, we went online. We stood in front of the class.

You can see the results below and make your own judgements on whether or not we sank. This little post is really just about explaining why we did it.

In short, it was an experiment. Could we get away with adding some (attempted) humour into corporate communications? Would it increase its appeal? Would the CFA audience embrace or reject the skit? Would they even watch it?

While it hasn't exactly had a Kayne vs Taylor Swift appeal across the web, we're pretty happy with the results.

Social media, new media, online media - whatever you want to call it - has had a huge impact on communications in every part of life, and large organisations like CFA are not unaffected.

We're still grappling with the best way to use these fancy tools so forgive us if a few of these experiments go a little awry. If nothing else, you'll get to have a laugh at our expense!

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