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A New Beginning

By: Robert Bury

Category: People

  10.06 PM 31 October, 2015

Location: District 14 News, General

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As we move closer to what looks to be a busy Fire Season I find myself reflecting on what's been going on around CFA.

As we move closer to what looks to be a busy Fire Season I find myself reflecting on what's been going on around CFA.

Some of my own thoughts sprinkled with a smattering of thoughts and conversations with others.

I hope with the appointment of the New Chief Officer and a New CEO that some stability and surety will descend upon the organisation.

Their predecessors have had an extremely difficult time with the many issues that unraveled whilst they were at the helm.

I know it will be a big task trying to satisfy the demands of Firefighters, Unions, Associations, Governments, Public and the Media.

I trust that the administrative staff are given more surety in their employment for it must be difficult to work under the current short term arrangements in place for so many. Far to many very good people who had a passion for the CFA have been lost.

I certainly don't envy the CO and CEO position having to deal with Unions and Government diametrically opposed to each other.

I actually support better pay and conditions for the many dedicated staff however I'm not a supporter of the scare tactics and misinformation spewed forth by the Government of the Day, the Union Counterparts and the Media.

Just for once I would like those who debate this stuff to give a straight answer to a direct question (Surprisingly many of us can handle the truth)

Really I want to believe that the good people in the CFA, UFU and Government should be able to sit down and sort it out amicably.

With new leadership it might also be time to look at some of the differences across the various Districts for we are far from being one CFA with different rules and procedures in each area.

I wonder at times if we should look at the boundaries of the response areas many that have remained unchanged since the end of the War so that a better more efficient emergency service is provided to the public. I know this will upset many of the crusty old Captains (with no disrespect intended to those Crusty Old Captains) who's patch is sacred to them but times have changed and we must change with it.

The allocation of resources should be based upon need not just want or Political Pork Barrelling (Good luck getting that past the Government of the Day)
We all know a New Truck or Fire Station gets to be a great Photo opportunity for many people particularly around election time.

Let's Face it we all want a Pumper but do you really need one. (I'd be really happy with another Crew Cab)

Access to training for volunteers needs to be improved the closure of the iconic Fiskville (No matter who's version of the real reason you believe) has certainly had a profound effect.

Volunteers are difficult to find train and retain. I have seen to many good people leave disillusioned over a perceived lack of worth of the efforts involved.
(Telling a volunteer that it will take 2 weeks to replace his damaged gloves only adds to the frustrations)

EMR is another interesting topic that seems to have got lost along the way with a great deal of political spin.

Can any one explain to me why Headquarters is often referred to as "Hollywood"?

I sincerely wish the New Chief Officer Joe Buffone and the New CEO Lucinda Nolan all the best for the future as they collectively have a huge job before them.

Thank you to the departing Chief Officer Euan Ferguson, CEO Mick Bourke and acting CEO Micheal Wootten it's been a tough gig.

In the end I hope and pray that we all have a safe fire season

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