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A Reason to Listen VIDEO by peer

By: Leith Hillard

Category: People

  4.46 PM 21 November, 2013

Location: District 17 News

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My video story A Reason to Listen was made with the help of the team at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) as part of the ‘CFA: Our Lives – Digital Storytelling Project’.

It is not the story I originally intended to tell but it’s a story from the heart.

I’d compiled an impressive outline for a documentary about tin shed brigades and responding to fires in the desert country (our brigade in Nhill is situated halfway between the Little and Big Deserts).

Story by Jo Ussing

CFA is such a part of our small farming community culture no one thinks about it much. You turn 18 get your licence and join the fire brigade. It’s that simple really. My parents, siblings, children and most of the relatives under the age of 70 belong to a fire brigade somewhere. If you don’t go and help when they have a fire, who will come and help you?
“Yes,” said the people at ACMI to my video proposal, “But what about you? What drives you to be an active member of CFA?”
“Well, I’m a peer and I’m passionate about the work CFA peers do. CFA is really committed to looking after the welfare of vols and their families.”
“Tell us more,” said the good people of ACMI and the story evolved.

I would really like to thank the volunteers who participated in this project and the team at ACMI. The stories and the people involved were so diverse and yet the stories are all woven from a common thread – involvement with our local fire brigade.

Last Updated: 25 November 2013