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Aberfeldy - Donnellys road blocks

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  8.31 PM 19 January, 2013

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As of 6:30pm 19th January 2013 the following road blocks now have a Level C limited access to local residents/property owners and essential services only.

  • Licola Road at the intersection of Tinamba Seaton Rd opposite Old Joes Road

Restricted ID access is permitted to Glenmaggie township and Glenmaggie Point  but not beyond the Licola Road /Glenmaggie Road intersection.

Restricted ID access is permitted generally beyond the following road blocks:

  • Heyfield – Seaton Road at the intersection of Golf Course Road and Brickhill Road
  • Weir Road – Blores Hills at Tinamba – Glenmaggie Road and Sandy Point Road
  • Cowwarr – Seaton Road at the intersection of Heyfield and Dawson Road
  • Toongabbie – Cowwarr Road at Cowwarr – Walhalla Road

For other information on road closures see the VicRoads website.

Limited access means residents of the immediate area, people providing recovery and relief services, Council or VicRoads employees or sub-contractors and business owners in the immediate area.

In saying this, residents/property owners in these locations will need to supply clear evidence/proof of occupancy within the area. This would be in the form of a photo ID i.e. driver’s licence. For others it would require organisational ID, CFA/DSE Media Accreditation and suitable identification for business owners.

Without this access will not be possible. If you find that you cannot supply any form of identification then you can attend the Heyfield Incident Control centre (1 Firebrace Road Heyfield) to obtain a permit to access through the road block.

Residents to note the following steps to return to your home safely:Bushfires can leave potential health hazards on your property. Wear protective clothing, including sturdy footwear and heavy-duty work gloves, protective masks. Where at all possible try to avoid taking children onto fire-damaged properties.

For further information about protecting yourself and family members go to:

Be aware that road safety conditions may have changed, there may be no signs, no line marking or safety barriers. Be aware that Emergency Services will also be in the area including heavy machinery clearing roads.


Last Updated: 20 January 2013