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Acts of kindness, Recruit Course 1/2013, fire investigators in Fiji

By: Euan Ferguson

  11.00 AM 17 June, 2013

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Random acts of good, kindness, teamwork and professionalism:
In the last week I have been pleased, humbled, and inspired by a number of unconnected acts by CFA people. These acts are occurring daily across the state. This small sample (in the last week) reflect so well on the attitude, teamwork and professionalism of our teams of people. Thank you for all your good work. It inspires hope, purpose and comfort to those who are in difficulty. All of you are leaders. Keep up the outstanding work!

The Job Is Not Done Until The Washing Up Is Finished:      

Recruit Course 1/2013 graduated yesterday. However one evening recently the course and instructors had finished their evening meal and were preparing for evening study. Someone noticed that there was only one catering staff member to do the post meal clean up. One by one, all the instructors and the students rolled up their sleeves and made short work of the washing, wiping and tidying up. By sharing the workload the job was done quickly and efficiently. Great leadership and teamwork!

After The Fire Call - Doorknocking And Installing Smoke Detectors:
I have had two examples where crews from volunteer and integrated stations return to the scene of a fire call to call on neighbours and residents to improve fire safety. One instance was in Lilydale after the fire at Tudor Village where all residents were door knocked the day after the fire. More recently, the team from Traralgon fire station returned to the scene of a fire call with a new smoke alarm for the resident. The job was not done until the alarm was fitted and tested. Great focus on our mission of protecting life!

Empowering Fire Investigators In Fiji:
Senior Fire Investigation Coordinator Nicole Harvey has recently had correspondence from Sub Officer Tevita Seru from the Fiji National Fire Agency expressing gratitude for CFA's donation of Fire Investigation Scene Folders that CFA has provided their Fire Service. Sharing knowledge and empowering others through good relationships and goodwill.

Bushfire Development Planning Training:
Feedback from Kevin Hazell Senior Planner in DPCD about a bushfire development planning course held last week. One of Kevin's colleagues said that "the bushfire course we (CFA) ran last week is the best course she runs out of about 50 across all planning themes". This course is led by Mark Holland and Gabby McMillan and uses materials jointly prepared with Lidia Orsini when she was at the Department. Great networking, communication and professionalism!

Fire Evacuation Planning At Falls Creek:
With winter upon us, CFA has increased our presence at the key alpine resorts. District 24 O/M Paul King advises that we are working very closely with Resort Management to engage with residents in these resorts. CEO of Falls Creek Resort, David Herman writes: "I want to thank you for your generous offer to assist Falls Creek stakeholders with fire evacuation planning this snow season. I applaud the CFA on driving this initiative. This demonstrates the growing degree of cooperation and partnership being developed in Falls Creek and highlights the importance of emergency services planning in an alpine environment." Great example of strong community engagement using established partnerships!

Burn Camp At Cape Otway:
A planned burning training camp was recently conducted at Cape Otway with the objective to expose participants to planned burn operations in a range of fuels, terrain, and asset exposures and to build participants' knowledge, skills and confidence in planned burn operations. The camp conducted a number of burns and gave practical examples of fire behaviour, fuel dynamics and ignition techniques. Natalie Said from Gellibrand CFA said: "I've learnt so much - about fuel loadings and fuel moisture content, seeing the effects of different lighting patterns, and how intense the fire behaviour was even with high fuel moistures. Being hands on has been brilliant." Kim Stanley-Eyles - VMO Fire Scape Program and Dereel CFA said "This will help me in my current role of advising people on the practicalities of planned burning, and help me evaluate the feasibility of burn proposals. Seeing how these burns have inspired such interest and enthusiasm has showed me the importance and value in engaging with the local community in this way. The whole experience has been invaluable." Thank you to Ian Morrison, Mike Evans and Roger Strickland. Passing on expertise in the handling of fire is essential to CFA and the community.

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