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Aerial pumpers ready to go

By: Euan Ferguson

  11.00 AM 19 September, 2013

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Following from my update in August, I'm pleased to let you know that two of CFA's four aerial pumpers will be delivered to Shepparton and Mildura in the coming days, after the district mechanical officers have completed their familiarisation process and pre-delivery checks.

The appliances will provide crucial support for these growing provincial centres and tomorrow we will advertise internally for an additional 18 positions across the two locations to support their introduction and enhance our service delivery capacity. 

Aerial pumper training is scheduled to commence next week at Mildura and early October in Shepparton, supported by Fiskville. Training delivery capability will also be developed at these locations to provide future training opportunities for local volunteer and career members.

The necessary infrastructure is in place to support these additional appliances, with the Shepparton station recently being retrofitted to accommodate their new truck and the Mildura station being only 12 months old.

I know members are excited about having this new capability, as am I, and this is welcome news after a lengthy and difficult delivery hampered by a protracted worldwide recall of a vital part.

I also anticipate that heavy hazmat vehicles will be commissioned at Shepparton and Hallam in the coming weeks. Training is near completion at Shepparton whilst the first phase of instructor training at Hallam, which commenced on Monday, is scheduled for completion in early November.

These heavy hazmat vehicles will provide our people and the community with a modern and sophisticated hazmat response capability anywhere in Victoria, including working in conjunction with MFB in the urban risk environment. Work continues at Corio and Ballarat so that heavy hazmats can be deployed in the near future.  

These specialist vehicles are the most advanced in Australia, if not the world, and will provide CFA with advanced urban firefighting and emergency response capability to manage structure fires and hazardous material incidents across the state.

The commissioning of the first of our new $15m fleet of high-tech specialist appliances is a major milestone for CFA and Victoria's emergency services.  

Last Updated: 10 December 2015