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AFAC Council Communique, AIIMS Implementation

By: Euan Ferguson

  11.00 AM 21 November, 2013

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AFAC Council Communique

National Capability Statement 
Council noted the progress of the National Capability Statement led by Emergency Management Australia (EMA), in partnership with AFAC. The statement will provide a single consolidated picture of Australia’s fire and emergency service capability and is intended to serve as a tool for Commissioners, Chief Officers and other decision-makers to inform operational planning and resourcing. Council resolved that the AFAC Board would review interstate deployments in December 2013.

AFAC Strategic Directions Document  
The AFAC Strategic Directions Document was endorsed by the Standing Council on Police and Emergency Management (SCPEM at the November meeting. The Strategic Directions document identifies priorities at a national level for fire and emergency services to create a shared vision and joint commitment to enhanced community resilience. It identifies strategic priorities and generates an expectation that these would be addressed in each agency’s strategic and business plans. AFAC will focus on supporting and assisting member agencies achieve these outcomes. The document will soon be available on the AFAC website.

National Certification for Incident Management Roles  
Council endorsed AFAC as the certification body for Incident and Emergency Management and directed the AFAC office to develop a plan to promote and administer ‘National Certification’. Council approved strategic consideration and prioritising the development of a ‘National Certification Initiative’ limited to Incident and Emergency Management. This would involve creating an AFAC certification board and determining the administrative requirements to administer a national program for these specific roles.  The certification initiative will be built around the existing accreditation arrangements agencies have in place. Council agreed that it is critical for the industry to have a certification body, and that AFAC is best placed to perform this role.  Personnel who are AFAC certified will be recognised accordingly. 

AIIMS Implementation:
  • AFAC provides the following advice on the implementation of AIIMS 4:
  • AIIMS-4 paper-based Training Resource Kit (TRK) is now available. This is a substantive product, much improved on the previous version and incorporates essential Bushfire CRC research. It reflects months of work by AFAC Learning and Development.
  • Pilot AFAC Intelligence Course was conducted in September in Melbourne. 
  • AIIMS-4 paper-based pocket size and A4 size Aide-Memoirs are now available.
  • AIIMS ‘app’ reflecting the detail in the Aide-Memoir will available late November
  • Development of two case studies highlighting how AIIMS 4 would be implemented, using past major incidents in SA and NSW as the example, are currently being completed.
  • AFAC are pursuing the development of a desk-top exercise 
  • Geoff Conway’s presentation is available on the AFAC Website and suitable for brigade training nights. 
AIIMS implementation queries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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