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AFAC16 abstract deadline extended

By: Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC

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  12.52 PM 10 February, 2016

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The Call for Abstracts submission date for #AFAC16 powered by INTERSCHUTZ has been extended to Monday 22 February 2016, due to the ongoing operational activity across the country. 

Click here to submit your abstract today. 

Abstract submissions for #AFAC16 are open to all in CFA, as well as emergency services across the world, including management professionals, volunteers, researchers and academics, industry, community and all levels of government. Produced in collaboration with the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC, the three-day conference will open with a Research Forum. 

The conference will take place at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from 30 August to 2 September. The theme is Mitigation – Response – Recovery: Getting the balance right.

Emergency and disaster management has advanced dramatically over the past five years with fire and emergency service agencies worldwide implementing new and innovative ways to mitigate and respond to disasters.

Recent worldwide catastrophic events have identified the need for better recovery capability. This year’s conference will take a detailed look into how agencies are "getting the balance right", within new, diverse and inclusive multi agency disaster management services.

Under the conference theme, there are seven core topics, your abstract should consider at least one of the following: 

  1. Transformational Leadership – exploring the critical role that leaders play in inspiring their workforce through change and transformation.
  2. Predictive Services – sharing an insight into how predictions shape community warnings, awareness, resource allocation and planning decisions with a focus on new data, techniques and models as well as capability building.
  3. Capacity for Coordination and Recovery – considering the ways in which fire and emergency services organisations must develop methodologies and approaches to provide mitigation, response and recovery solutions.
  4. Building Back Better – acknowledging the need to offer adaptive and dynamic solutions to ensure a resilient future, rather than simply rebuilding what was there before when a disaster occurs.
  5. Disaster Resilience – providing an insight into what makes a community resilient to disasters and what approaches they take to ensure risks are managed.  
  6. Partnerships – reflecting on how we recognise and develop trust across sectors, services, industries and communities and how organisations identify all possible strategies to build safer communities.
  7. Integration, Diversity and Inclusion – examining the shift in thinking within our industry that will build the foundation for a successful all hazards workforce that reflects the communities in which organisations operate.  

The closing date for abstract submissions is 22 February 2016. To submit an abstract, or for more information please visit

Last Updated: 10 February 2016