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All around the countryside in Bacchus Marsh

By: Blair Dellemijn

Category: Training & Recruitment

  9.42 PM 10 November, 2014

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Sunday morning (9th November) saw crews from various brigades in around the Bacchus Marsh area converge onto the townships of Parwan, Rowsley, Balliang and Pentland Hills for the annual Bacchus Marsh Group Exercise.

"Pager messages" were sent out to each appliance in the form of notes inside sealed envelopes, previous given to crew leaders at the initial briefing, only to be opened at specific times. This allowed for a graduated timeline for certain aspects of some of the tasks.

From an Alert of a Grass Fire in Balliang East, with the initial crew leader calling for "Tankers 10", added realism was conveyed in the way of piles of hay being lit up at specified times, for crews to attack and extinguish.

With multiple grassfires needing to be dealt with all over the shire, this also tested observation skills and map reading, as well as crew leadership.

The final session involved up to ten Tankers being caught in a burnover situation. With the call of "Make Tankers Safe", crews downed equipment and made it back to their appliances, readying themselves and their Tankers for the possibility of being in a burn over.

A fantastic morning organised by the group, with members from Mt. Cottrell Group also providing assisstance in the Bacchus Marsh Local Command Facility, as well as playing Vicfire in Mt Cottrell FOV.

Pictures by Blair Dellemijn - CFA Photographer.

Last Updated: 10 November 2014