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Another year almost finished

By: Paul Garvey

  11.00 AM 16 December, 2010

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I can’t believe it is December already. Where does the time go? “Time flies when you are having fun”. I wonder why no one has ever added “and busy” to the end of that? Human Resources Directorate has been working very hard and I didn’t want to let some of our key achievements over the past couple of months slip by without sharing these with you.    

In no particular order:

  • Volunteer Wellbeing Program: In order to meet the increasing requests for more health assessments by brigades in Regional Victoria, an arrangement with the Royal District Nursing Service was entered into. RDNS have now attended and assisted at a number of sessions and have been accepted and praised for their work by members. 3500 Volunteers have now completed the assessment and the results have been very encouraging. Interest in the program is growing and brigades are now using the online booking system to arrange their sessions. For further information about these checks and how you can get your brigade involved visit
  • Peer Support Program: As part of their professional development, Peers undertake a formal qualification in Community Services (Community Welfare), jointly delivered by CFA and Kangan Batman TAFE. At the recent graduation ceremony eight Peers graduated with a Certificate III and seven Peers with a Certificate IV. An outstanding achievement.
  • Firefighter Recruitment: CFA is currently conducting an advertising and promotion campaign for firefighter recruitment until Dec 17 2010. This campaign is aimed at finding recruits for the 2011 recruit courses. A number of career information sessions have been held over the past two months with positive attendance. Focus will now be placed on preparing and educating candidates about the process.
  • Youth Unit: As a result of a media release highlighting the 10 year anniversary of the commencement of the Junior Volunteer Development Program in CFA, more than 40 junior brigades were contacted by Fairfax Media to have photo and media opportunities with a view to recruiting new junior members for their brigades.
  • Volunteer Recruitment and Retention: Brigades Online has been updated to include a new suite of tools and information to assist brigades with their recruitment and retention efforts. A catalogue of resources is available as well as information contained in the Recruitment and Retention Guide. A range of topics are covered such as induction, training, leadership, mentoring, media releases, employer information and work/life balance to name a few. Templates and resources are available to download.
  • Operational Staff Agreement 2010: Came into force on 28 October 2010. A project team has been established to manage the implementation of the new agreement. A road show was rolled out across the state to brief OOs and OMs, as well as other managers, on the agreement.  
  • PTA Agreement: 4 negotiation meetings have been held to date and arrangements will be made to resume as soon as possible after Christmas – New Year period. Negotiations continue to be positive and productive with a significant number of items close to being agreed on by the parties. Once Agreement in principle is reached for the entire Agreement as a package, the proposed Agreement must first be approved by the Government before the Agreement is voted on by Employees.
  • Leadership Development:  As part of the Leadership Development Strategy the Professional Development section has produced a leadership handbook for all operational members. The handbook aims to describe CFA’s leadership doctrine in an easy to understand, educational way. The handbook is structured around the 11 leadership principles in CFA’s leadership development strategy and the Fireline Leadership course. Copies are currently being distributed to all Crew Leaders.

I also touched on the new Operational Training and Volunteerism (OTV) department in my last blog. OTV will strengthen our commitment to and focus on operational training and volunteer sustainability. Executive Manager Lex De Man will directly report to the CEO and functions from Member Services and Learning and Development will now be accountable to OTV. A project team is continuing to develop and refine the plan for the establishment of this new department. Workshops have and will continue to be undertaken with key stakeholders to identify all of the issues that will impact on the transition to the new structure. Human Resources are looking forward to a close working relationship with this new department.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a safe and merry Christmas and a happy new year. See you in 2011.

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