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Apollo Bay receives Service Award

  • Gavin McMaster, William Chow, Scott Earl, 2nd Lt Benjamin Whyte and Captain David Howell (back) pictured with Judy Mustafa, 3rd Lt Leah Beamish and 1st Lt Colin Coleman (front)
  • Cape Patton Rescue on 1 December, 2012

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  11.25 AM 13 January, 2015

Location: District 6 News

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Apollo Bay Fire Brigade has been presented with a prestigious Unit Citation for Service Award.

**Story by Amy Boyd (Colac Otway BASO) **

The District 6 brigade is located along the Great Ocean Road and is now one of only three brigades so far in CFA to have been presented with the award.

Members who were awarded for their efforts include Captain David Howell, 1st Lt Colin Coleman, 2nd Lt Benjamin Whyte, 3rd Lt Leah Beamish, Bryan Mercer, Scott Earl, Judy Mustafa, William Chow and Gavin McMaster.

On 1 December 2012, the brigade was called to a road accident/rescue at Cape Patton, an extremely rugged part of the South West Victorian coast line.

Upon arrival the crew discovered that a vehicle had been driven through the guardrails and down a 90 metre steep cliff crashing onto a rock platform.

It was apparent to the crew upon first glance that one person was deceased as they were ejected from the vehicle. Upon further investigation, the crew heard a person shouting for help from the vehicle below.

The steep cliff and inaccessible terrain presented the crew with a number of physical obstacles throughout their rescue and retrieval operation.

In challenging conditions, the crew of the Apollo Bay Fire Brigade used ropes and stretchers to convey heavy hydraulic rescue equipment down the steep 90 metre cliff face to the crushed vehicle.

The effort of the crew enabled the patient to be extracted from the vehicle and to this date they still remain in contact with the Apollo Bay Fire Brigade and are ever grateful to them.

A Unit Citation for Service may be awarded to a brigade, crew, strike team or other work unit, to acknowledge a collective act of outstanding service during a special event or over a prolonged period.

It is awarded to brigade/work locations and to those members listed in the citation to recognise their collective actions in relation to fire service duties, administrative leadership or exemplary performance of a difficult project or task.

On 6 December, CFA Chief Officer Euan Ferguson presented the brigade with their award. The combined actions of the crew demonstrate to the highest level, the spirit of CFA.

Congratulations Apollo Bay Fire Brigade.

Last Updated: 13 January 2015