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Arizona firefighter tragedy

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  11.47 AM 2 July, 2013

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CFA is saddened to learn of the death of a group of firefighters who lost their lives while protecting communities in the US state of Arizona.

The firefighters, who were attached to the Prescott City Fire Department Granite Mountain Hotshots, died yesterday while fighting the Yarnell Hill Fire in extreme fire conditions. The Chief of the City of Prescott Fire Department has confirmed the death of 19 firefighters and injuries to eight other firefighters. 

Acting CFA Chief Officer John Haynes said CFA is saddened by this terrible loss in the United States.

“Our deepest sympathies are with the firefighters' families and colleagues in this sad time. CFA knows too well the tragedy of losing firefighters and the impact that it has on families and colleagues. As a fire and emergency management agency, we extend our sympathy to the people of Arizona and their communities that are currently under threat of fires,” John Haynes said.

John Haynes said the tragedy in Arizona was a sad reminder of the intrinsically dangerous nature of fires that is ever present in both the structural and bushfire environment.

CFA will fly its flags at half mast today in honour of the dead firefighters in Arizona.

Update: The City of Prescott has released the names of the dead firefighters:

Ashcraft, Andrew - Age: 29

Caldwell, Robert - Age: 23

Carter, Travis - Age: 31

Deford, Dustin - Age: 24

MacKenzie, Christopher - Age: 30

Marsh, Eric - Age: 43

McKee, Grant - Age: 21

Misner, Sean - Age: 26

Norris, Scott - Age: 28

Parker, Wade - Age: 22

Percin, John - Age: 24

Rose, Anthony - Age: 23

Steed, Jesse - Age: 36

Thurston, Joe - Age: 32

Turbyfill, Travis - Age: 27

Warneke, William - Age: 25

Whitted, Clayton - Age: 28

Woyjeck, Kevin - Age: 21

Zuppiger, Garret - Age: 27

Last Updated: 02 July 2013