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August Board and ELT update

By: Michael Wootten

  1.29 PM 3 September, 2015

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As part of my commitment to keep you updated about CFA’s decision-making process, here’s the latest recap of items being discussed at the Board and executive level.

CFA’s response to the Fire Services Review was a major focus of August’s Board meeting.

Attendees were briefed on preparations for CFA’s submission to the Review and on initial talks with the review’s author David O’Byrne.

CFA’s response and submissions to the Fiskville Parliamentary Inquiry were also discussed.

The Board was told the recruitment process for a permanent Chief Executive Officer was progressing, with a shortlist of potential candidates compiled. It also heard that CFA had advertised for a new Chief Officer, after Euan Ferguson’s decision not to seek reappointment.

The possible delegation of some Board powers was also tabled. While the Board was willing to pass control of certain functions to the executive, it will retain control of: 

  • Forming, amalgamating, closing and integrating brigades
  • Significant matters which impact CFA’s reputation.

Senior Workplace Relations Consultant Greg Meredith gave a presentation on his recent tour of the San Francisco Fire Department and the work it has done to increase diversity within its ranks, especially female representation.

Executive Leadership Team (ELT) meetings were held throughout August. A wide range of operational issues were discussed, with the team agreeing on the need to create a new position coordinating state-wide logistics.

The CFA safety report was also examined, with agreement that a more comprehensive process is needed, along with a more systematic approach to reporting safety issues and how they’re addressed.

The Fire Services Review was another area of focus. The facilitator of CFA’s submission  joined the team to explain the review process, while ELT discussed what members wanted to include in CFA’s review submission.

Last Updated: 10 December 2015