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BackFit Plus and DeskFit Plus

By: Jack Heggen

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  2.06 PM 3 October, 2017

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BackFit Plus and DeskFit Plus sessions are currently being delivered around the state by the Healthy For Life Program.

These workshops are designed to build on the foundations of the BackFit and DeskFit workshops that were run in late 2015.

The BackFit Plus Workshops will provide participants with the opportunity to learn about mobilisation and activation exercises that can be completed before undertaking firefighting drills, heavy lifting at a DMO workshop, or prior to completing an exercise program.

“A lot of people will know that they have some muscles that are tight, or others that aren’t working the way they should. The nature of firefighting is that the job needs to get done, and people will adopt compensatory movement patterns to do the work they need to do. These compensatory patterns make injury more likely,” said Jack, Healthy For Life Program Trainer.

The hands on instruction will allow participants to identify where they might be deficient, and to practice the exercises that will allow them to move freely and with control.

Participants in the DeskFit Plus Workshops will practice microbreaks (movements designed to reduce soreness associated with working in an office), learn about opportunities to include more movement in their day, and be coached through home exercises which will improve posture.

“After a full day of sitting at the computer, in meetings, and in the car, my back and hips can feel really tight,” said Erin, from District 5 HQ.

“Adding a little more standing and movement into my day means I feel more awake and less sore when I get home”.

Electronic copies of the original BackFit and DeskFit manuals are still available on the below links:

BackFit Manual

DeskFit Manual

For questions about BackFit and DeskFit, contact the HFLP team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Last Updated: 05 October 2017