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Bahgallah Training Day 28/10/12

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  12.06 PM 29 October, 2012

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On Sunday the 28th of October 2012, approximately 15 people attended a Pre-fire season training session at the Bahgallah Station, 10km SW of Casterton.

The training session started by watching a short DVD on seatbelt safety on fire appliances, which is a must watch for all CFA Members, then down to the local dam for some work on the pumps and hoses, Safety & Survival and the recently fitted crew protection system.

Once the training was completed, the brigade sat down to a BBQ and social afternoon.

Bahgallah Brigade has 39 members on the books however only 10 of them are trained fire fighters and they are currently looking for new members to join the brigade and help out their local community. If you are interested in joining the Brigade, please contact the Secretary, Olivia Darcy on 0423 508 828.

Last Updated: 10 November 2012