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Ballarat Juniors action at Anglesea

By: Sherene Mounier - District Volunteerism Coordinator

Category: People, Youth & Juniors

  4.34 PM 17 November, 2014

Location: District 15 News

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The Ballarat Fire Brigade Juniors held their end of year camp last weekend at Anglesea YMCA camp, with 10 Juniors and six leaders attending.

The weekend involved a variety of fun outdoor activities such as canoeing, a giant swing, and beach activities including swimming.

Brigade Junior Shaqiera Cartledge said, "Thanks to everyone who organised the junior camp. It was really enjoyable being the first person to go on the swing, which was pretty nerve-racking. To let go was fun, also pretending I was dead. I have to say the Anglesea brigade is pretty cool. Just the whole camp was fun. Once again thank you."

The Ballarat Juniors also toured the state-of-the-art Anglesea Fire Station and facilities with its range of water and energy-saving features. Ballarat Fire Brigade Captain Mark Cartledge said, "It was a very enjoyable weekend and a great way for the kids to wind down after a solid year of training and school work. The Juniors were fascinated by the tour of Anglesea Fire Station and talk from brigade member Jamie McKenzie."

During the weekend, the brigade awarded Bayley Foy the Junior Firefighter of the Year for his commitment and input into the Junior brigade and he was very pleased to have been recognised and given the award on the weekend.

Last Updated: 17 November 2014