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Balmoral group training exercise

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  1.06 PM 4 November, 2016

Location: District 5 News

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A preseason training exercise for the Balmoral group of CFA brigades took place yesterday evening (Thursday 3 November).

The group exercise gave more than 25 firefighters from 8 brigades the chance to practise vital skills ahead of what promises to be a challenging summer season. 

As always safety, teamwork and good communication was the order of the day.

The training exercise primarily involved CFA firefighters attending a car fire simulation. The exercise was treated as if it were a ‘going’ fire, with standard chain-of-command and radio communication protocols applied.

The training was all about working smarter not harder when attending to an incident.  

Crews also went through techniques for blacking out, burn off protection and did thorough equipment check to ensure that everything was in working order.

CFA Group Training Officer Mark Williams said the exercise aims to get brigades ready for the summer season by simulating how things would run at an escalating incident.

“Forecasts show potential for an above average fire season, despite the recent heavy rain and flooding in many parts of the state,” said Mr Williams.

“It’s important that brigades are ready for what the summer season might throw at us and that all equipment is fully operational and in good condition.”

Members who attended said they got a lot out of the exercise and were looking forward to the next one.

Brigades in attendance:

  •          Balmoral
  •          Coleraine
  •          Gritjurk
  •          Hilgay Settlers
  •          Melville Forest
  •          North Balmoral
  •          Tarrenlea
  •          Vasey
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