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Baranduda Fire Brigade recognises its members

By: Kimberley Taylor

Category: Honours & Awards

  2.59 PM 29 October, 2014

Location: District 24 News

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On Sunday 19 October 2014, Baranduda Fire Brigade held an awards presentation lunch to formally recognise the continued outstanding efforts of many of its members.

We were fortunate to have Mr Garry Cook, Assistant Chief Officer North East, and Mr Paul King, Operations Manager District 24, along to officiate with the formal presentation of 12 National Medals and 12 CFA Service Awards. We were also joined by Mr Terry Darmody, Group Officer Wodonga Group, and Mr Gerrard Peeters, 1st Lieutenant Wodonga Fire Brigade to help celebrate our member’s achievements.

Receiving awards were:

  •         Paul Allwood                     National Medal and 15 year Service Medal
  •         Bill Bowran                       National Medal plus 1 bar
  •         Ken Bowran                      National Medal plus 3 bars
  •         Louise Bowran                  15 year Service Medal
  •         John Dows                        National Medal plus 2 bars and 40 year service award
  •         Rosalie Dows                     National Medal plus 1 bar
  •         John Gay                           National Medal plus 1 bar
  •         Mark Goldsworthy              10 year Service Medal
  •         Jason Hadson                    20 year Service Medal
  •         Peter Hunter                     National Medal plus 1 bar
  •         Andrew Martin                  5 year Certificate of Service
  •         David Merbach                  National Medal
  •         Simon Morgan                  5 year Certificate of Service
  •         Ben Nieuwerth                  National Medal plus 1 bar
  •         Scott Schilling                   National Medal plus 1 bar
  •         Robert Schubert                National Medal plus 3 bars
  •         Anthony Treffers                National Medal plus 1 bar
  •         Gary Wattie                      10 year Service Medal
  •         Kristina Wells                    5 year Certificate of Service

While nobody in the room joined CFA to receive medals, the smiles that each and every medal recipient brought with them when it was their turn to receive an award showed that this formal recognition is well appreciated.

Although not formally presented with medals, the unwavering and outstanding contribution and support of our families was also recognised. When the active members drive to the station (in a very orderly fashion) to jump on the truck when the pager sounds, or head off on an all-expenses paid scenic strike team tour of the countryside for a few days at a time, it is our families that remain at home keeping everything together – this is possibly the more difficult role. Perhaps many of the medals that were awarded today should also list the supporting family? There is no doubt that without our families, we couldn’t do what we do.

In true Baranduda style, the catering for our roast lunch and desserts was all looked after by our members and families.

An excellent day enjoyed by all who attended.

Paul Allwood


Baranduda Fire Brigade

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