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Bayswater's Control Line

  • The Hon John Cain Former Premier o
  • Peter Wynne Executive Television P
  • Kate Carnell Former Chief Executive
  • General George W Casey Jr.

By: Dave Tangey

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  7.47 PM 2 November, 2013

Location: District 13 News

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The Bayswater Fire Brigade conducted its annual Control Line event last week with 260 people attending. Control Line 2013 marked the brigade’s 10th anniversary of the event and had an extraordinary program of speakers with the theme being ‘Leaders of Leaders’.

The 2013 keynote speaker was General George W. Casey former Chief of Staff United States Army (2007 – 2011), and Commander Multi National Force – Iraq (2004 – 2007). General Casey is one of the most influential and powerful leaders of the 21st Century and spoke about the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environment facing leaders. He then presented on the importance of; developing vision and strategy, creating unity of effort, continuous assessment and adaptation, influencing organisational culture, momentum and transitions, and sustaining yourself. GEN Casey stated when selecting Generals for promotion, the key personal traits he looked for were vision, courage and character.

Other speakers included:

  • ·         Kate Carnell, Former Chief Executive Officer beyondblue
  • ·         The Hon John Cain, former Premier of Victoria
  • ·         Peter Wynne, Executive Television Producer
  • ·         Craig Lapsley, Fire Services Commissioner

There were also specially recorded video presentations from:

  • ·         The Hon Dr Denis Napthine, Premier of Victoria
  • ·         The Hon Jeff Kennett, former Premier of Victoria
  • ·         Greg Miles, Australia’s Premier Racecaller
  • ·         Ian Robinson, former VFL field umpire

CFA Group Officer and Level 3 Incident Controller Tony Brown said; “This is the most inspiring event I have ever attended. Being able to listen to so many high-level leaders share their personal insights and challenges in one day has been an amazing and rewarding experience.” 

Bayswater Captain Diana Ferguson said, “Our brigade is very proud of Control Line and how it continues to attract so many people from across Australasia every year. We take leadership development very seriously and believe Control Line is extremely important in that development not only for Bayswater members but many others as well.”

Article by Craig Ferguson

Photos By Dave Tangey

Last Updated: 13 November 2013