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BBQ fire causes injuries

By: CFA Media

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  3.04 PM 14 December, 2013

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A Saturday afternoon barbecue today became a much more dangerous activity than expected for three men in Point Cook (25 mins west of Melbourne) as a gas leak caused a barbecue fire.

Three CFA crews from Hoppers Crossing and Point Cook responded together with two MFB crews to the incident at about 1.30pm.

The barbecue fire caused burns injuries to three men in their 40s and 50s who were treated on scene by Ambulance Victoria, with two being later transported to the Alfred Hospital burns unit for treatment.

In this instance both the barbecue and the gas cylinder were in good condition, however it appears the connecting hose was not sufficiently secured which caused gas to escape.

Energy Safe Victoria was notified.

This is a stern reminder to all Victorians as they fire up the barbecue for the warmer months.
Senior Station Officer Bill Robertson said: “Everyone needs to remember to check the safety of their barbecue, not only at the start of summer, but every time they use it. Gas cylinders can be very dangerous, so it’s important they are stored, serviced, and used correctly.”

“And as you can see in this instance, it’s equally as important to also ensure all connections are firm and secure.

You can do this by:
• Checking the connections to make sure they’re secure & firm
• Listening for any leaks
• Spraying or painting on the connection some soapy water - if bubbles appear, there’s a leak.

“I ask all Victorians to please stay safe this festive season, for yours and your family’s sake."

Last Updated: 17 December 2013