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BBQs now banned during summer in Victoria

By: CFA News

Category: Community Safety, Health & Safety

  8.38 AM 1 April, 2016

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12:01PM UPDATE: APRIL FOOLS! Thanks for joining in on our lighthearted post to mark the tradition of Aprils Fools Day.

A surge in fires and injuries caused by outdoor cooking has prompted CFA to introduce a permanent statewide ban on all barbecues.

The ban will apply to all BBQs, including gas, electric and solid fuel, and will come into force from midnight on Dec 1 this year.

Anyone who uses a barbecue or engages in any other outdoor cooking activity on public or private property will be liable to on-the-spot fines of $1,000.

This ban includes the Christmas and New Year period, Australia Day and Easter and no permits will be approved for celebrations during that time.

CFA Community Safety Manager April Erste said the main reason for the bans was to reduce fires but CFA hopes they will also result in additional public safety benefits.

"We are hoping the ban will also encourage Victorian's to consider more healthy eating options. Salad sandwiches, perhaps?"

Last Updated: 01 April 2016