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Benambra 10-year get together

  • Event flyer - courtesy of Sue Braggs.


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  3.18 PM 4 December, 2012

Location: District 11 News

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A warm welcome was given to all who came from near and far to share a meal, some dancing and a get together. A couple of speeches brought on some silent tears amongst the comrades, who supported each other as they did back in 2003.

[Article by Benambra Secretary Sue Braggs]

The night started off with a massive BBQ that fed around 70 people − all of whom enjoyed every morsel.

There were speeches to thank all the volunteers and others who were involved in the 2003 fires, as well as a discussion about the coming fire season and the need to be prepared.

We then adjourned from the CFA station a few steps up the hill to the Benambra Hall. Here was where the action was, with children dancing around the floor having so much fun and the parents and grandparents enjoying a nice fox trot, waltz or jive.

Former Gippsland Regional Manager Mark Reid then took the stage to give a speech on Benambra’s efforts in the 2003 fires. 

He spoke of people asking the question: “What is this unburnt area right in the middle of the blast?”

He commended our community for a great effort in fighting these fires and to John Cook and Danny Cook for their leadership in protecting Benambra from the holocaust.

It was after this that John Cook reciprocated and then presented Mark Reid with a plaque naming him a life member of Benambra brigade.

The following day was CFA Sunday and  our crew demonstrated a burnover  in the truck and explained the features of our new light vehicle, including the equipment on the back, water storage, pump, etc. This was well checked over by the crew and visitors.

All in all a great weekend.

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