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Blackwood Awards Presentation

By: Irene Keating

Category: Honours & Awards

  3.42 PM 5 December, 2012

Location: District 15 News

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Saturday 1 December marked the awards presentation dinner for the Blackwood Fire Brigade.

Brigade members, and invited guests from the neighbouring towns of Trentham and Greendale enjoyed a delicious 2 course meal, with laughs, stories, good company and a spin the wheel raffle with a difference.

In total 15 awards were presented ranging from a 5 year Certificate of Service to a 55 year medal and CFA Honorary Life Member award bestowed to George Stockdale.

George joined the Blackwood Fire Brigade in 1956.  He told how he had witnessed a fire at Blackwood as a boy the 1930’s, and remembered how frightened he had been at that time. He spoke of the many changes he has seen over the years of his membership, and how they had started with the tractor towing a water tank on a trailer

You don’t join for the accolades. You join for the community” George said.

Former Greendale Captain, Shane Cramer remembered with admiration what a great mentor George had been to him when he was new to the role of Captain.

George said he is slowing down a bit now but he is still an active member of the Brigade and ‘still has a couple of more years yet’.

One of the highlights of the evening was the Chocolate Fireman Helmet Table Centrepieces made by Natalie Byers, Secretary to the Brigade.

A full list of those who received awards follows. 
Steve Long – 5 years
Brian Suters – 10 years
Barbara Sweet – 10 years
Craig Peart – 10 years
Natalie Byers – 10 years
Anthony Pywell – 10 years
Kerryn Whiffin – 15 years
Linda Byers – 20 years
Ken Whiffin – 20 years
Laurie Byers – 20 years
Thomas Pywell, 4th Lt.  – 25 years
Anthony Darwen, 3rd Lt. – 30 years
Ian Stewart, Captain – 35 years
George Stockdale – 55 years and CFA Life Membership

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