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Board Update: November 2016

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  11.03 AM 29 November, 2016

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The CFA Board held its monthly meeting on Monday 21 November 2016.

This communique is designed to provide all staff and volunteers – as well as the broader community – with an update on the work of the Board and will be issued after each meeting.

Status of the Operational Enterprise Agreement

The Board resolved to seek a Fair Work Commission conference to advance the proposed CFA/UFU Operational Enterprise Agreement 2016 (proposed Agreement).

The Board acknowledged that the Fair Work Act legislative changes have created some uncertainty around the proposed Agreement. The Board agreed that seeking a conference at the Fair Work Commission is the most effective path to resolving any issues.

Ministerial Performance and Policy Committee (PPC)

Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Services Harriet Shing MLC briefed the Board on the newly-established Ministerial Performance and Policy Committee (PPC). Ms Shing outlined how the PPC would bring together representatives from across the sector to explore issues that have been raised in reports and inquiries and that require a coordinated, sector-wide response.    

Ms Shing spoke about the importance of a diverse membership and provided an overview of the selection process that is underway to appoint career firefighters, volunteers, and professional technical and administration employees to the PPC.

The Chair noted this work and affirmed the Board’s commitment to supporting the work of the PPC.

Traces of perflurochemicals (PFCs) found at the Victorian Emergency Management Training Centre Craigieburn

The Board was briefed on the results of tests for perflurochemicals (both PFOS and PFOA) at VEMTC Craigieburn, and the actions being undertaken by CFA.

Earlier this month, traces of perflurochemicals were found in the VEMTC Craigieburn trade waste plant and petro chem prop. Further testing at the site, led by an Incident Management Team, found further traces in the foam used for training and the majority of MFB appliances based at the training centre. Traces were also found in two CFA appliances which have been quarantined pending decontamination. As a precautionary measure, CFA is testing a sample of the broader fleet.

Training with foam and the petro chem prop has been suspended. VEMTC Craigieburn has also switched to mains water. MFB announced on Friday it had begun the process of recommissioning the trade waste plant.

MFB advises that it expects Craigieburn to return to normal operations in the near future.

A Safety Alert remains in place requiring all CFA staff and members across the state to use P2 masks when working with foam.

The Board noted that CFA has been working closely with the MFB Incident Management Team and has kept in close communication with staff and volunteers around the issue.

CFA Pride

The Board noted that CFA Pride was announced as the winner of a Victorian State Volunteering Award on 17 November 2016.

The Board reaffirmed the commitment of CFA to drive diversity and inclusion across the organisation and that the presentation of this award was testament to those efforts.

Fire Fighting Industry Award and diversity

The Board noted the Fair Work Commission decision in the four-yearly review of modern awards – Fire Fighting Industry Award 2010 of 15 November 2016. The Board acknowledged that this marked an important signal towards creating more diversity among firefighting workforces.

The Board resolved to work through the impact of the  decision and how it can support CFA’s diversity initiatives.

Last Updated: 29 November 2016