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Board Update: October 2016

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  8.16 AM 18 October, 2016

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The CFA Board held its monthly meeting on Monday 10 October.

This communique is to provide all staff and volunteers and the broader community with an update on the work of the Board and will be issued after each meeting.

Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC) Update
VEOHRC representative Wendy Sanderson provided an update on the Equity & Diversity Review of Victorian Fire Services. The Board was advised that there had been positive engagement across CFA in a range of meetings, interviews and take-up of the survey.

The Board provided feedback to VEOHRC on the importance of this work and requested management to work closely with VEOHRC to ensure CFA led diversity actions were closely aligned with VEOHRC findings. 

VEOHRC will present its findings to the Board later in the year prior to finalisation of recommendations. The final report is due in mid-2017.

Summer Season Preparedness
Steve Warrington briefed the Board on the progression of preparedness, including annual brigade inspections for the upcoming summer season period.

The Board was advised that recent flooding is expected to delay the timing of the peak bushfire period, however  CFA was preparing for a potentially difficult summer due to vibrant vegetation growth.

Infrastructure Funding for CFA
The Board was pleased to note the new additional funding announced this week by Minister Merlino for much needed critical infrastructure.  Items included in the funding will be 28 trucks, work wear and Personal Protective Clothing for volunteers.

The Board requested management promote the new volunteer grants program to support Brigade sustainability.

CFA Performance Measurement Framework
John Haynes, Executive Director Volunteers and Strategy, gave a presentation on a proposed CFA Performance Measurement Framework. The framework is intended to be the basis of future internal and external reporting of CFA performance against a comprehensive range of measures. The framework reflects the CFA Mission and long-term goals and is integrated with the Emergency Management Victoria Vision Statement. The framework will be published in conjunction with the annual corporate plan over the coming months.

The Board provided feedback and endorsed the proposed approach.

CFA Annual Report 2015-16
The Board was updated on the progress of the Annual Financial Statements and the Annual Report for 2015-16, which will be tabled in Parliament in late October. A representative from the Victorian Auditor General’s Office was in attendance at the meeting.

CFA BoardGovernance
The Board endorsed the new terms of reference and membership of the Board sub committees that were presented by a representative from IG Partners. These will be available on the CFA website.

Industrial Relations Update
The Chair briefed the Board on the ongoing work to resolve the UFU/Operational Enterprise Agreement dispute. The Board considered the morale issues associated with the dispute and the actions being taken by management to address these concerns.

The Board endorsed CFA’s approach to fully co-operate with the current Supreme Court proceedings.

The Board also noted that the Commonwealth Government was likely to pass the Fair Work Amendment (Respect for Emergency Services Volunteers) Act and that management would need to consider the impact of that Act on CFA.

Last Updated: 18 October 2016