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Board update - PPC, floods, awards

By: Kerry Murphy

  11.00 AM 3 February, 2011

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At Monday's CFA Board meeting, the first for 2011, the Board committed that any shortfall in funding for the current structural Personal Protective Clothing program for items such as gloves, boots and helmets will be met for the PPC replacement roll-out program.

PPC is the most important piece of equipment that operational fire fighters possess. In line with the board's commitment, Chief Officer Euan Ferguson will audit structural PPC and identify any shortfalls in items like gloves, boots and helmets; and budget, and then report back to the Board.

The Board also praised the efforts of CFA members who have been doing a fantastic job in the flood response and recovery efforts. There is no doubt that the floods in Victoria have seen a significant effort from a great many brigades, particularly in the north and west of the State.

CFA's support during the floods again demonstrates the resilience of our members and their willingness and ability to pitch in and help their local communities. Many CFA members also suffered significant personal losses from the floods. Our thoughts are with them and in the aftermath we encourage any CFA members affected by the floods to contact their local Regional Offices if they require support through CFA's member services, or advice on support that may be available through other agencies.

The floods have again shown how CFA with local government and other fire and emergency management agencies can work together to get the most efficient and best outcomes. In recent months the cooperation between the agencies has further developed. We continue to forge strong ties with not only our colleagues in Victoria Police, and the other fire and emergency service agencies, but equally across other agencies like VicRoads, and the Department of Human Services.

The Chief Officer visited flood affected towns on January 22 to speak to CFA members and inspect the clean-up efforts, to see how our people, especially those personally impacted on by the flood, were coping and to thank them for the hard work they have put in so far.

The Board listened to feedback from the Chief Officer's regional visiting regime - there has been a very positive response from the field from those seeing see him out and about so regularly in the regions.

The CEO briefed the board on a number of other matters including:

  • CFA's meeting with the new Police and Emergency Services Minister Peter Ryan.
  • CFA's reporting to the Department of Justice and the Implementation Monitor on progress in implementing recommendations of the Bushfires Royal Commission.
  • Feedback from the 36 volunteer participants from the 18th CFA Challenge program and the very positive response that reinforces the program's value in fostering leadership, teamwork and self reliance.
  • Progression on the construction of 39 sites under the Rural Fire Station Program which is on target to deliver 60 project completions by June 2011.
  • Completed installation of the prototype Crew Protection Retrofit Program.

Finally on behalf of the Board I congratulate those CFA recipients of the Australian Fire Services Medal. They are Adrian Hem of Diamond Creek; Group Officer Robert Ipsen of Goldfields Group; Executive Manager Fleet Services, Robert Rankin; and Executive Manager Operational Training and Volunteer Support, Lex de Man. The Board also congratulates other CFA members who were recognised in the Australia Day Awards at the national and local government level for their contribution to community and industry.


Kerry Murphy PSM AFSM



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