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Bold performance in the name of bushfire safety

  • The young performers from Toora Primary School with the Toora Brigade Truck.
  • The Bolder Bush Beats performers during rehearsal

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  12.13 PM 30 March, 2017

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As part of CFA’s 2016-17 Summer Fire Safety Initiative the children at Toora Primary School have slipped on their dancing shoes in the name of bushfire safety.

The Bolder Bush Beats program, which took place at Toora Primary, aims to teach the community’s youth about bushfire safety and readiness skills through drama, music, comedy and of course fun.

The program invited children from grades three to six to participate in a series of workshops lead by local musician Nick Fischer. The program finished with a quirky stage performance on Friday, 24 March 2017.

Fireys from the Toora Fire Brigade attended the performance to show their support and provided an opportunity for the kids to explore and fire truck.

The leading teacher at Toora Primary working on the production Brett Whittle said the children enjoyed their intensive drama lessons as they learnt some new skills.

“The music and performance was great. Everyone got involved with the project and learnt a lot about fire safety awareness,” Brett said.

Project Coordinator for the Summer Fire Safety Initiative Sian Jepsen said Bolder Bush Beats aims to encourage students to have conversations around bushfire safety and fire readiness.

Sian attended the performance and was impressed by the wild and funny student-centred production.

“The story was great; it followed Stella and Dippy who are neighbours. Stella is a superstar in bushfire safety and readiness whereas his friend Dippy is an ill prepared ‘she’ll be right’, local larrikin.” Sian said.

“It was a fun day topped off by the kids signing autographs. They were a very energetic group of kids.”

Bolder Bush Beats is just one of 21 programs funded by the Summer Fire Safety Initiative.

The program, which is now drawing to a close, provided one-off grants to brigades and community organisations to fund innovative and empowering initiatives.

“The program aims to build community leadership, increase fire awareness, promote shared responsibility and strengthen community resilience,” she said.

“Bolder Bush Beats was a great success with the guidance of Nick, Toora Primary’s staff and most importantly our young performers.

“We look forward to our future initiatives reaching the same success.” 

For more information on the Summer Fire Safety Initiative click here.

Last Updated: 30 March 2017