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Boomers Reserve planned burn a great success

Panton Hill and St Andrews brigades joined forces with Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMVIC) to successfully carry out a 0.5-hectare burn at Boomers Nature Conservation Reserve near Panton Hill on 1 December. 

The seven CFA volunteers participated in lighting, patrolling and blacking out the burn.

“A sea of green and yellow overalls could be seen working together to ensure the success of the burn,” said CFA Planned Burn Resource Coordinator Laurie Steel.

Following a detailed briefing about how the burn would be ignited and controlled, CFA members were allocated to several ignition and patrol teams so they could experience all aspects of the planned burning process.

“The CFA crews were fantastic,” said Michael Basson, DELWP Planned Burning Officer for the Metro Fire District. “They integrated well with our teams and feedback from them is that they got a lot out of the day”.

Participation in risk-based planned burns significantly increases CFA members’ opportunity to gain practical planned burning training, experience and qualifications.

Involving CFA volunteers in cross-tenure burns such as this one also helps improve inter-agency operability and strengthens CFA and FFMVIC’s relationship at the local level. It’s also an opportunity for CFA members to pass on their local knowledge to FFMVIC firefighters.   

CFA members enjoyed working with FFMVIC on this burn and were particularly positive about the very detailed briefing, the mentoring opportunities and the information provided as to why the burn was necessary. 

“I'm pleased that in the future we will be working even more closely more often,” said one CFA participant.

Last Updated: 23 March 2017