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Breaking the barriers

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  4.17 PM 14 August, 2015

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It’s always good when brigades can come together to perform training. It is even better when they can break down the invisible barriers through cross-district training.

Last month Glenlyon Fire Brigade invited Daylesford Road Rescue to attend their monthly training night to demonstrate their equipment and brief the brigade on how they can assist them at motor vehicle accidents.

Malmsbury Fire Brigade quickly accepted the invitation to join the exercise. Daylesford Fire Brigade can travel large distances using their experience in road rescue and Malmsbury in the scheme of things is just up the road.

More than 25 members from the three brigades attended on a very cold night in Glenlyon.

Some of the points discussed were:

• air bags may deploy after the accident so be careful
• make the car safe, park brake, choc wheels, disconnect batteries
• have a charged line, 2 lengths of 38 and dry chemical extinguisher
• preserve the scene for police investigation, don’t wash away skid marks
• debrief after the incident and use peer support networks if necessary

Various members said that it was good to learn together and get to know each other and not just see anonymous faces at brigade turnouts. Recently Malmsbury, Glenlyon and Daylesford fire brigades have attended house fires and grass fires proving they can use expertise, equipment and local knowledge at incidents regardless whose ‘patch’ it is.

Team work isn’t just between brigades or groups and these brigades have shown district boundaries should be no barrier to cooperation. After all we are all here for one purpose: to support the community.

 Jay Gardiner
Glenlyon Fire Brigade

Last Updated: 16 August 2015