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Brigade life membership (ribbon colour)

By: Belinda Gillespie

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  3.57 PM 16 July, 2015

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At the June 2015 CFA Honours & Awards Committee meeting, it was determined that the ribbon and ribbon bar for the Brigade Life Membership (Life Member Jewel) must be the colour red (Pantone Code PMS 186). The Committee determined that a standardised ribbon colour is required for all future Brigade Life Member Medals.

As stipulated on Page 24 of the CFA Honours and Awards Manual, the Brigade Life Member Medal, also known as the Life Member Jewel, is a brigade-owned award and is awarded at the discretion of the brigade in appreciation for service or support given to that brigade.

Brigades may determine what, if any, insignia they will have to recognise their award, or alternatively brigades may purchase a Brigade Life Member Jewel and ribbon bar from Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria. However, if a brigade wishes to design its own insignia, it must comply with the following:


  • Overall height of medal – 58 mm, plus or minus 0.4 mm
  • Width of medal – 38 mm, plus or minus 0.2 mm
  • Thickness on the outer rim – 4 mm, plus or minus 0.2 mm
  • Overall thickness from rear to front – 4.6 mm, plus or minus 0.2 mm


  • Ribbon must be woven in accordance with the British standards (UK defence standardisation 84-33/3)
  • Overall length of medal and ribbon – 95 mm, plus or minus 1 mm
  • Width of ribbon – 32 mm
  • Colour Red (Pantone Code PMS 186)

Ribbon bar

  • Size of ribbon bar – 32 mm x 10 mm
  • Colour Red (Pantone Code PMS 186)

The Committee acknowledges that some brigades have previously been approved with an alternative colour ribbon. The Committee will not be enforcing the standardised ribbon colour for previously approved brigade Awards. However, brigades are encouraged to change to the red ribbon, as specified above.

For further information on CFA Honours and Awards please refer to the CFA Honours and Awards Manual which is available on Brigades Online.

File path: Brigades Online > Brigade > Service History & Awards > About the Awards

For further information please contact CFA Honours and Awards via: email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone 1800 232 636

Last Updated: 16 July 2015