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Brigade Operational Skills Profile

By: Alan Davies

  11.00 AM 6 December, 2012

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Over recent months, there has been a steady stream of feedback from members about the process adopted by Hume region relating to the accuracy of the Brigade Operational Skills Profile. This is the document that the operations officer or operations manager discusses with a brigade management team during the various inspection processes with the brigade.

The intent of this document is to:

  • reach an agreed understanding of the availability of members to undertake their brigade duties focusing on daytime, evening and weekend availability
  • reach an agreed understanding of the training needs of the brigade, primarily against the core competencies of the brigade's classification and those members available to respond
  • gain an understanding of the brigade's capacity for training in order to acquire specific skills and maintain that skill base, and assess what direct support is required from CFA to acquire the new competencies.

All the above provides fundamental information about the capacity and capability of the brigade, along with an assessment of support requirements. The Chief Officer and ultimately CFA's Board, receive annual efficiency reports about each brigade. 

The regional leadership team and regional training is committed to ensuring our operational staff engage in a timely and high-quality discussion with the brigade, with an end product that will provide a realistic training needs analysis against the core competency requirements for the risk classification of a brigade.

This detail will be given to a brigade within six weeks of the inspection date.

The compilation of the draft annual Hume Region Training Plan will be completed in February 2013 for implementation the following financial year.

The identified members within the analysis will receive an invitation to nominate for specific courses when the Hume Training Plan has been posted on TRAIN, accessible on Brigades Online.

Pre-course preparation will be forwarded four weeks before the start of the course. Course results will be forwarded to the participating member via letter from the training manager five weeks from the date of the course.

Results will be loaded onto CFA's TRAIN system a week after the letter of advice to the individual on the course.

The training needs analysis will give the name of the brigade member, the required competency and the pathway to achieve the competency. The objective is to provide the brigade with the highest opportunity to meet crew-based competencies.

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