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What’s the Rural Metro Brigade Partnership?

It’s all about making the rural brigades a little more comfortable for the members.  After completing section 29 inspections, and sitting on foam drums, whilst meeting with some brigades, I decided I wanted to try and make a difference to the rural brigades in District 4. Having come from a background of working with brigades that have thriving communities, ample opportunities to fundraise and knocking back memberships enquiries, then to go working with brigades where most members of the community were members of the brigade already and fundraising was extremely difficult due to the lack of community business, needless to say it was a real eye opener for me. 

These rural brigades were strong brigades in terms of commitment and whens there’s a job to do they get it done.  But I just felt as their BASO I could make a real difference by improving some of the basics like providing chairs and tables or getting a BBQ to make the station a more sociable and comfortable place which might have a positive influence on the brigade where there was little chance of raising money locally for these items. Not at any point did the brigades complain to me about not having a place to sit or having a BBQ, I just thought it might make a difference if I could do something about it.

I made a call to District 13’s Maroondah Group Officer Ken Reed who is always keen to help out and once again he didn’t let me down.  We discussed setting up a partnership arrangement with the Brigades in Maroondah Group and looked at ways they could help.  The Maroondah Group were quick to get on board and started offering numerous items that might be of use to improve member comfort in the rural brigades.  I ended up contacting the rural brigades in District 4 and put together a wish list of items like chairs, tables, coat lockers, BBQs and fridges. The list was provided to Ken and before long we had a good pile of equipment starting to build up.  With the support of the State Logistics Centres who loaned us their truck I collected a full truck load from the Maroondah Group and returned to District 4, this was followed by a second trailer load of chairs that had been donated by High Access in Bulleen.

We are now in the allocation and delivery stage of the project and those brigades who have received their items are very grateful and can see the positive effect it could have on the brigade. Gorae West Captain, Henry Compton said “the items that have been donated to the Mount Richmond Satellite station will encourage future training from the satellite station, in addition to the training at Gorae West.  It will benefit the whole Mount Richmond community” he also wanted to express his thanks to those who have made the donations.

I believe this project will make a positive influence on the rural brigades in to the future and I would love to see this kind of partnership extend to other brigades across the state.  If your brigade is updating any equipment please consider you rural brigades that might be able to use the items you’re updating.  If you would like any further information please get in contact with me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The brigades and staff from District 4 would like to thank the Maroondah Group of fire brigades from District 13 as well as “High Access” from Bulleen for their generous donations to the Rural Metro Brigade Partnership.

Last Updated: 30 June 2015