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By: Sharon Moloney

Category: Training & Recruitment

  5.22 PM 4 April, 2017

Location: District 2 News, District 15 News

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On Sunday 2 April, volunteers from Clunes Fire Brigade, Creswick Fire Brigade and Talbot Fire Brigade got together at Clunes Fire Station for a joint training exercise.

The scenario was that three of the buildings associated with Wesley College were alight, and our three brigades were the first on scene.

We simulated a TFB and the school was occupied with staff and students. RH was set at 12 per cent and there was a 30 – 40 km north-westerly wind.

Clunes members were wearing their BA gear and tackling the buildings whilst crews from Creswick and Talbot were boosting from hydrants to keep the Clunes trucks charged with water.

Hazards identified were mains switchboards, solar panels on several buildings and gas tanks outside other buildings.

The 'fires' were brought under control quickly and all civilians were evacuated quickly and safely.

In the after-action review back at Clunes Fire Station, it was agreed that if this scenario occurred in the real world, a “make tankers 10” call would be made to assist the town mains by ferrying water from the nearby creek. This would also require the services of a Big fill.

A great morning was had by all and lots was either learned or reinforced.

Last Updated: 05 April 2017