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Building relationships and working together

By: Lisa Sturzenegger

  11.00 AM 17 June, 2010

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Relationship building and the importance of working together emerged as a major theme of the recent State Municipal Fire Prevention Forum, which was a fantastic learning and networking opportunity from all reports.

The event gave CFA and MFB members an opportunity to present and share information with Municipal Fire Prevention Officers (MFPO) and other representatives from 48 municipalities, as well as time to network and build relationships that will benefit everyone in future fire seasons.

As MFPOs provide their communities with another point of contact to ask questions and voice concerns, the forum is just as beneficial to the presenters as it is attendees because it leads to a better understanding of local issues.

It prompted me to use this blog to discuss the importance of MFPOs and the great work they do to reduce the risk of fire for Victorian communities.

As well as dealing with land management issues such as property inspections and burn permits, MFPOs play a major role in how we work together to prepare Victorian communities for bushfire.

They provide an important link between fire agencies and local municipalities, now more than ever as we move towards Integrated Fire Management Planning - the future of fire management planning.

MFPOs have been vital in helping municipalities transition to the new Municipal Fire Management Planning Committees and the creation of Township Protection Plans, implementation of the Victorian Fire Risk Register and the roll out of the new Municipal Fire Management Plans have all benefited greatly from their input.

I'd like to thank everyone that participated in the State Municipal Fire Prevention Forum, as the relationships formed and maintained at events like these will prove invaluable in the future as we continue to work together to reduce the risk of fire in our communities.

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