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Burmese Community Day in the Park


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  11.53 AM 20 November, 2013

Location: District 13 News

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A multi agency effort to conduct a “Day in the Park for the Burmese Community”

CFA District 13 in conjunction with DEPI, Parks Vic, Vic Pol, The Migrant Information Centre, MFB and Local Councils conducted a “Day in the Park for the Burmese Community”

The day was aimed at educating multicultural groups that have been using areas along the Yarra River in Warrandyte and Wonga Park about Summer Safety in our State/National Parks.

These groups are generally new to the Australian environment, do not speak English or very little of, and are unaware of the risks involved in lighting fires in the bush for the purpose of cooking.

The event was held at the Jumping Creek Reserve, Wonga Park on the 16th November, where approximately 100 members of the Burmese community rotated through 5 different activities including: CFA Burns Table demonstration, fishing, a walk in the bush, wildlife talks, emergency vehicles and enforcement. The complexity of delivering these sessions was heightened due to the lack of English spoken and the need for interpreters for four different languages within the Burmese community.

Parks Vic Ranger, Conrad Annal summed up the day by saying "This was a special day where we delivered a number of different messages and these included –Park Regs and Park Opportunities, Fishing Responsibly, Wildlife care and Compliance, but more importantly, Fire Safety, Fire in Parks, Fire in the Home, Fire Behaviour and Laws and Regulations around Fire.  The other big take home message was that the parks are there for everyone to enjoy, let’s do it safely, respectfully, and together”.

It is hoped that these sessions will raise the awareness of Fire Danger and how to tell when it’s safe to go into the Australian Bush.

The day was a huge success and was enjoyed by all that attended.

Involved on the Day:  CFA Eastern Metropolitan Comm Ed Staff, Wonga Park CFA, South Warrandyte CFA, MFB, Parks Vic, DEPI, Vic Pol, Migrant Information Centre, Salvation Army

Last Updated: 20 November 2013