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Burn offs out of control

By: CFA Media

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  6.33 PM 11 May, 2013

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CFA is appealing for people to take more care after crews had to respond to dozens of fires started by out of control burn offs today.

More than 100 firefighters were called to over 25 fires across the state caused by people burning off in unseasonably warm and windy conditions.

The biggest fires were at Meredith (between Geelong and Ballarat), Gherang (northwest of Anglesea), and Apsley in the far west of the state.

Eighteen trucks and dozens of firefighters were called to Meredith shortly after 1pm when a burn off was reported out of control. It took over 3 hours to bring the fire under control.

CFA State Duty Officer Gary Weir said it was disappointing that so many burns had escaped and called on residents to show more caution.

"When we have conditions like we did in large parts of the state today, people need to be well prepared before starting to burn off and make sure they monitor their burns." he said.

"If they have any doubt we would ask them to wait until fire weather conditions improve before lighting their burn offs."

Before lighting a burn residents also need to register by phoning 1800 668 511 to avoid firefighters being called to false alarms.

Last Updated: 11 May 2013