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Burning the Lake

By: Tony Brady

Category: Operational Information

  6.33 PM 12 April, 2013

Location: District 17 News

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Following on from a request from GWM Water to burn Dock Lake last year a very successful operation was completed on the 02/04/2013.

The burn was the compilation of several months of planning involving number of agencies - CFA, DSE, GWM Water, CMA, and Vicroads.

“The success of this burn was due to the willingness of all parties to achieve a common goal i.e. removal of a risk to the community, and whilst all parties played an important role it would not have happen without the commitment and resolve of the volunteers to get the job done.”

The burn was over an area of 180 ha and was spectacular with the dry vegetation in the lake bed combusting readily.

The operation required the resources of 6 CFA tankers from Green Lake, Horsham, Wonwondah, Clear Lake and Dadswell’s Bridge along with a number of private units.

In addition, DSE provided 3 slip-ons and a tanker with retardant which was applied around old growth trees and habitat logs to protect them from the burn. This was necessary as one of the objectives was to ensure the environmental values were maintained after the burn.

Weather conditions on the day of the burn were ideal and resulted in all objectives being met, however the declaration of a Total fire Ban day 2 days after the burn added a new dimension and necessitated the activation of a District Strike Team to ensure the area was completed blacked out before the commencement  of the TFB.

Over the 3 days from the initial burn until after the Total Fire Ban approximately 40 personnel were involved on a daily basis, totalling 120 personnel overall including District Staff, who provided logistical and operational support.

This planned burn was one of a number of joint CFD/DSE burns conducted this year and with the development of an inner-agency landscape planned burning working group in the Grampians Region it is expected that the level of co-operation and mutual assistance will continue to grow.

Tony Brady

 Vegetation Management Officer,

Grampians Region

Last Updated: 15 April 2013