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Bushfire Disaster

By: Brian Burleigh

  11.00 AM 26 September, 2009

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I listen and read with increasing amazement and incredulity to the proposals for bushfire warnings. The insurmountable problem is to address those in peril and uninformed; the problem is that "the authority" has poor intelligence about the fire-front progress and does not know who is unaware of the danger, nor where they are. Broad-brush approaches like ABC regional radio and telephone network "broadcast" would all appear to be broad-brush with poor targetability.

Consider the chaos produced by sending an urgent threat message to a large population not in immediate danger, telling them to evacuate! 

 Much like the "stay or go" policy, residents in high-fuel areas need to know in advance, just how bad it could get, and have their plan in advance of the "bad fire day". Anything else is just too late! Trying to deal with the ignorant during an Emergency is impossible - even for a well-provisioned CFA. 

 Lets have some more feedback on credible improvements which we can implement in the face of eviscerating summers. 

Brian Burleigh


Last Updated: 10 December 2015