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Bushfire research on Radio National

By: Leith Hillard

Category: Community Safety, Planning & Research

  5.01 PM 23 June, 2014

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More frequent severe bushfires are posing a challenge to communities and firefighters, but research from the Bushfire CRC aims to make both communities and firefighters safe, as well as vastly improving forecasting and modelling.

Bushfire CRC CEO Gary Morgan says there has been a culture change in firefighting in the past 11 years, with policies and procedures now based on consistent science. He says climate change has increased the severity of bushfires, their number and duration.

Listen to Making communities safer in the face of bushfires on Bush Telegraph featuring Gary Morgan; Jim McLennan, School of Psychological Research,  Latrobe University; and Kevin Tolhurst, Fire Ecologist, School and Land and Environment, University of Melbourne.

Last Updated: 23 June 2014