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Bushfires Portfolio Update January 2012

By: Michael Wootten

  11.00 AM 31 January, 2012

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Hi All,

Some items of interest from the Bushfires Portfolio this month:

On 25 January, CFA delivered another evidence drop to the Bushfires Royal Commission Implementation Monitor (BRCIM). The evidence included:

  • A Landscaping for Bushfire booklet, funded by the Vegetation Management project. The booklet includes a ‘firewise' plant selection key and advice about garden design and maintenance and can also be found on the CFA website. The booklet is to be launched at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show which runs from March 28 to April 1. The project was developed in conjunction with the BRCIM, and has been reported to meet and exceed the intent of the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission (VBRC) final report recommendation 44.
  • A process evaluation on the development and selection process for Level 3 Incident Controllers, developed by the Incident Management Team Training project team.
  • New, clear guidance material on Fire Prevention Planning; developed by CFA, the Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) and the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV).

Bushfires Portfolio Project News

  • The Member ID project is on track with over 8500 applications lodged, accounting for 15 per cent of CFA Members so far. Local Project Support Officers have been engaged in each district to assist Members and Brigades. The new traffic management point volunteer private vehicle stickers have also been distributed directly to brigades. Read more
  • The official CFA Systems Monitoring Dashboard (SMD) system went live on 1 November 2011 in time for the fire season. Read more
  • The number of Township Protection Plans completed continues to grow; now reaching 226, compared with the original target of 140. Township Protection Plans can be found at the CFA website.

Bushfires Online Documentation System (BODS)

The Bushfires Online Documentation System (BODS) is an online project document repository and information sharing site used for all Bushfires Portfolio Projects. We now have 480 project staff using the system and have fully completed our document migration at Burwood headquarters. If you have any questions about BODS or would like to learn more, please contact the Systems Administrator on # 8635.

Bushfires Portfolio Steering Committee Chair

This will be my last blog entry as Bushfires Portfolio Steering Committee Chair as I move into my new role as Executive Director Business Services. I will be handing the role of Bushfires Portfolio Steering Committee Chair to Bruce Russell, Acting Executive Director Performance and Strategy.

I would like to thank everyone involved in the Bushfires Portfolio to date. Together we have faced many challenges and made some significant achievements.  It has been a pleasure working with you all.

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