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Bushfires Program - Achievements

By: Michael Wootten

  11.00 AM 15 October, 2010

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Many people across our organisation have been working to deliver on projects for this year’s Bushfires Program. A considerable amount of work is required to act on the changes for this fire season 2010-11 and I’d like to commend everyone for their fantastic work.

I’m pleased to provide an update on some of the key achievements and milestones that have been reached over the last few weeks. To begin with, information on Township Protection Plans has been simplified and is now in a new easy to read template that aligns with the Prepare. Act. Survive. guidelines.

Work on implementing the Victorian Fire Risk Register (VFRR) is nearing completion. Forty nine municipalities have been assessed and work continues on the remaining 13 localities. VRFF will be implemented across all municipalities in country Victoria by the commencement of the Fire Danger periods.

The One Source One Message (OSOM) templates have been updated to reflect the new fire danger ratings with Easy English to explain the warnings, advice and actions required. Additional training and skills maintenance is available for Information Officers along with a new dedicated OSOM training site. This will be a great way for our Information Officers to practice their skills.

The Fire Ready Victoria script has been revised for our presenters. The script is easier to deliver to members of the public who attend the Fire Ready meetings. The script incorporates new key messages, information on the new fire danger ratings and the advice to property owners service.

A new Fire Ready Kit has been produced with updated information for this fire season. As a response to research undertaken on the previous Fire Ready Kit, the content has been simplified and more fire imagery has been used to create a sense of urgency and to provide a visual snapshot of how intense bushfires can be. The kit also contains two handy pull-out Bushfire Survival Plans, one for ‘Leaving Early’ and one for ‘Defending Your Property.’

The CFA website has been redesigned with a new look and feel. Critical fire safety information is highlighted along with special feature sections to promote topical campaigns and events. Content on the site has been updated to reflect new key messages and fire danger ratings.

The Household Bushfire Self Assessment Tool (HBSAT) has been updated and is more user-friendly. The tool meets accessibility standards with content delivered in Easy English and a new audio function.

Under Phase 2 of the Command and Control project, eight Operations Managers (Regional Commanders) will commence employment on 18 November 2010.  Regional Operations Project Coordinator positions will be resourced in the next few weeks. Work is underway on the Statewide doctrine changes to reflect the revisions being made to the State Emergency Response Plan, which governs the way fire services prepare for and respond to incidents across the state.

If you have any questions about these projects you are welcome to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." title="mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. blocked::mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." mce_' + path + '\'' + prefix + ':' + addy75864 + '\'>'+addy_text75864+'<\/a>'; //--> I look forward to providing regular fortnightly updates on the progress of work for the Bushfire Program.

Last Updated: 10 December 2015