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Busy Sunday for fire services

It was an early taste of the fire season as CFA and DEPI were kept busy attending to various bush and grass and scrub fires yesterday.

The fires burnt in areas around central Gippsland and in the south west of the state. A fire in bluegum slash and private scrub at Dorodong, near Horsham is still going. More than 55 DEPI and CFA personnel remain on scene to control the 200-hectare fire.

CFA State Duty Officer Chris Cowley said while the cause of many of the fires is still to be investigated, it is believed some of the incidents were the result of out-of-control, private burn-offs.

“As we approach the summer fire season it is the time of year where many people are burning off and cleaning up around their properties in preparation, which is fantastic to see,” Mr Cowley said.

“We just need to stress the importance of burning-off in the right weather conditions. You should never burn-off in hot, dry, windy conditions or if these conditions are forecast within the time your burn-off is expected to take place.

“It is also advisable to look at the weather forecast ahead as it doesn’t take much for a burn to reignite, as we saw with a fire in the east of the state yesterday.”

Mr Cowley said the 4-hectare fire around Back Wombat Road in Boisdale burnt through bush and grass and scrub and took about an hour to bring under control.

It is believed to have been a re-ignition of a private burn-off from two weeks ago. Five trucks from CFA attended with support from DEPI.

“When burning off, you should establish a fire break of no less than three metres cleared of all flammable material,” Mr Cowley said.

“It is also important to make sure there are enough people to monitor, contain and extinguish the burn safely and effectively. If it does get out of control, you should call Triple Zero immediately.”

Mr Cowley said all burn-offs should be registered with ESTA by phoning 1800 668 511. You can also visit for more information.

DEPI Agency Commander Andrew Bennet said in the lead up to summer we can have days where there is warm weather and high winds so people need to remain vigilant and also start thinking about what they need to do to be prepared if there are fires.

For information on planning and preparing your property visit

Other fires across the state yesterday:

Hansons Road, Enfield

  •          Fire started at 4.30pm and was stopped at 9.20pm
  •          It started in private land in a pine slash and spread into state forest
  •          The fire burnt around 5 hectares
  •          10 trucks from CFA attended with additional support from DEPI  
  •          The cause of the fire is being investigated

Bulgaback Track, Castleburn and Kangaroo Swamp Road, Giffard West

  •          Two bushfires being managed by DEPI
  •          The fires are both contained
  •          The Castleburn fire has burnt around 83 hectares
  •          The Giffard West fire has burnt around 20 hectares

Seal Road, Steiglitz

  •          Fire started at 12.30pm and was under control at 4.20pm
  •          It burnt through light bush across an area of around 20 hectares
  •          The cause of the fire will be investigated today
  •          The fire was in between Maude and Steiglitz, and in close proximity to a separate fire at Anakie
  •          A warning escalated to a Watch and Act at one stage, as some homes and stock were under threat
  •          This also covered areas in and around where the Anakie fire was burning
  •          21 trucks and support from CFA attended. DEPI also assisted.

O’Neils Road, Anakie

  •          Fire started at 1pm and was under control at 2.20pm
  •          It is believed to have burnt between 3 and 4 hectares
  •          Seven trucks and support from CFA attended
  •          The cause of the fire will be investigated

Brimacombes Rd, Brimpaen

  •          DEPI crews were called to the incident about 1.15pm on Saturday afternoon
  •          The Fire was under control by 5.00pm
  •          It burnt about 29 hectares
  •          Crews continue to patrol and black out

For information on current warnings and advice, visit

Last Updated: 29 September 2014