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Byaduk house fire

By: CFA Media

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  1.15 PM 14 October, 2016

Location: District 5 News

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Although local brigades have been busy dealing with heavy rainfall, it didn’t inhibit their ability to get in there and do what they do best.

This morning (14 October) CFA firefighters attended a house fire in Byaduk.

CFA brigades were called to the incident at 8am and the fire was under control by 9.15am.

Breathing apparatus were required because the house contained asbestos and therefore crews took extra precautions to ensure they were operating safely.

The house was vacant at the time of the fire as it was a farm property that is not the primary residence of the owner.

Five tankers holding water were required due to limited access to water on the scene.

Operations Officer Steve Giddens said that brigades did an amazing job shifting their focus from floods to fires.

“With the heavy rainfall the districts been receiving it’s hard to have a fire-oriented mind at the moment,” said Officer Giddens.

“The crews had a great response time and it makes me proud to see our members come together and work as a high performing team in the interests of protecting our communities."

Fire investigators are looking into the cause.

Ten CFA trucks from Buckley, Byaduk, Hamilton, Knebsworth, Macarthur, North Byaduk and Warrnambool attended.

Photos by Will Kinghorn

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