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  4.01 PM 5 December, 2013

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Callignee/Traralgon South Community Bushfire Exercise

On Sunday 24 November, the Community Engagement Committee together with the Callignee and Traralgon South brigades held a community bushfire exercise at the Traralgon South Community Hall.

The event gave the local community the opportunity to gain further information about bushfire behaviour, the effects of weather on fire behaviour, and talk about the local risk in the area. Bushfire Warnings were reviewed, Fire Danger ratings, Total Fire Bans, Types of Warnings through various forms of media as well as going outside and seeing for yourself what the local weather conditions are.

The participants were able to undertake a table top exercise where they could plot fire behaviour in a real time exercise. They were able to discuss how their individual fire plan would come into play if this bushfire were to happen near their homes.

Ian Ewart Callignee CFA Captain said “We then were involved in a Fire Scenario that progressed from a small fire that started in a Pine plantation just off Clarkes Rd and heading in a South easterly direction, a little time later we learned the fire has spread into the plantation and spot fires are going ahead of the main fire front, causing heavy smoke and embers to cross the Traralgon creek Rd effectively cutting off access along the road.  The fire is now threatening Traralgon South township. 

"We were also advised of an expected wind direction change to the North East, this means the flank or side of the fire could become the front.

"What would you do to cope with this situation?”

Members of the community were able to see the Fire Education Table in use and see firsthand the effects the fuel, topography and weather play on fire behaviour.

This was a very successful day with local communities able to revisit and refresh their knowledge of bushfire. Well done to the Callignee/Traralgon South Community Engagement Committee, Local Brigades and the team from the Gippsland Region for their work in organising the day.

Look out for a Community Bushfire Exercise in your local extreme bushfire location.

Last Updated: 06 December 2013