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Cape Clear FB Unit Citation Awards

By: Samantha Plater

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  1.11 PM 7 November, 2016

Location: District 15 News

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On Wednesday 2 November, members of Cape Clear Fire Brigade accepted an unexpected invitation for lunch at the Cape Clear Hotel. 

Once seated, members expected Captain Michael Rowe to do a normal introduction. But, instead, he introduced Emergency Management Commissioner Craig Lapsley, CFA District 15 Operations Manager Brett Boatman and CFA West Region Vegetation Management Officer Tony Brady.

As soon as Captain Rowe began to speak, members soon realised this was not a normal get together. Captain Rowe began to speak saying, “Today we will be honouring four members of the Cape Clear Fire Brigade, who, on 13 November 2014 attended a fast moving grassfire on Davis Rd, Berringa.

"Donald Coward, Neil Shiells, Jim McKay and John McNabb formed the crew that found a property owner slumped next to a fence. Due to the prompt actions the members, their skill and dedication, not only did they save the life of the property owner but significantly reduced the spread of the fire.”

Captain Rowe then asked EMC Lapsley to join him and District 15 OM Boatman to award the four members with the Chief Officer’s Unit Citation for Courage. EMC Lapsley read out the Citation and awarded the individual medals. The look of surprise on everyone’s faces was clear - the nomination had been kept a secret from the recipients and the brigade.

A group photo (attached) of the recipients followed and the captain then asked District 15 OM Boatman to present the following recipients with their service medals.

Jeremy Peet

Joy Thomas

Chris Yates

Peter Bell

Malcolm Trainor

Michael Rowe



After the awards all enjoyed a delicious lunch of roast meat and salads provided by the hotel.

An enjoyable afternoon shared by all. 


For more information regarding Cape CLear Fire Brigade or the 'Art of Roadside Burning' Book by Captain Michael Rowe please visit the website (Link Below) 

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