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Cape Otway Burn Training Camp 2014

By: Ian morrison

Category: Community Safety

  3.52 PM 9 June, 2014

Location: District 6 News

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Cape Otway Burn Training Camp Number Three

The Cape Otway Burn Camp was from 21 to 23 March 2014.

Several burns were planned for the week, but we only managed three days of burning because of rain. The burning we carried out was very successful not only for the properties involved but also for the participants at the camp.

The locations were:

Shearwater Cottages – 5 hectares

Conservation Ecology Centre – 4.5 hectares

Jack Pascoe property (Otway Estate) – 1.5 hectares

Ian Gleeson property (Otway Park) – 0.5 hectares

On these properties the burn objectives were met, with an average of 75 per cent fuel reduction across the burn blocks.

Also the week provided training opportunities such as:

  • Lighting patterns
  • Sector commander roles
  • Crew leader roles
  • Fuel moisture training
  • Weather observation training
  • Fire behaviour observation

This training was conducted by Wildfire Instructors Mike Evans and Roger Strickland, who have a wealth of experience and the participants gained great training in planned burning in a controlled
environment. They observed different fire behaviour over the three days. The third day at Shearwater Cottage had the most intense fire behaviour due to the nature of fuels, which was mainly bearded heath. This can very volatile when the conditions are right for it to burn.

Some interesting notes from the week:

Camp Accommodation – Bimbi Park – Cape Otway

Personnel – average of 19 people per day attended the camp

Catering supplied by Bimbi Park

Camp ran for three days

Support from D6 Operation Staff, Training Department, CFA HQ Vegetation
Management Team and HQ staff, local CFA volunteers and brigades, outer area brigades
and members.

These camps would not be possible or a success without the support of District 6 Operational Staff and Training Department as well as great support from the HQ’s team and also from Chief Officer Euan
Ferguson and Deputy Chief Officer Alen Slijepcevic.

Also a big thanks to the volunteers who make the time to come and participate on many levels. Without this commitment the camps would not be the success that they area.

Planning is underway for the 2015 Burn Training Camp, which will also be held at Cape Otway. There will be some improvements made to maximise the week to benefit all who participate.

Job well done by all.

Last Updated: 10 June 2014