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Captains and 1st Lts induction day

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  4.08 PM 26 June, 2013

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 ‘Establishing relationships, making connections, building networks and developing resources’

Northern and Western Metropolitan Region District 14 held a Captains and First Lieutenants induction workshop on Saturday 22 June. 

This new initiative for District 14 stems from feedback provided by participants in the District 14 Captains (1st Lt) Peer Mentor Program, and was developed by Kris Wilms as a companion program to the Mentor program now in its second year.  

Operations Manager Rohan Luke and Manager Learning and Development Natalie Kenely worked  with Kris to plan the day, which was fully supported by the Northern and Western Metropolitan Regional Leadership Team.

The day was attended by Captains and First Lieutenants in their first or second leadership term, and also included representation from other Captains and First Lieutenants who have a range of broad leadership experience.

The day was also attended by Group Officers, Operations Officers, the DPC Deputy Chairman, the local VFBV President and the Northern and Western Metropolitan Regional Leadership team.

The theme for the day was ‘establishing relationships, making connections, building networks and developing resources’ and was broken into a number of sessions.

Introduction to the Regional Leadership Team

Each functional manager from the Regional Leadership Team provided a short overview of key aspects of their role highlighting relevant links to the senior volunteer leadership roles.  An overview of the role of the District Planning Committee and how Captains and 1st Lieutenants can access this committee was also provided by Graeme Bisby. The Northern and Western Metropolitan Regional Leadership Team and VFBV President Chris Maries also formed a panel for a question-and-answer session.

Some feedback on the session received included:

“Meeting & speaking with the RLT, knowing who they are and what they do was great”

“RLT panel was a highlight”

“Format of panel was a good idea and should be introduced at more workshops”

“Now able to put a face to the name of Regional Leadership Team and understand their roles and responsibilities”

Operations team

In a separate presentation, Operations Manager Rohan Luke spoke about establishing communication links, mutual expectations and key processes.

Discussion groups

Discussion group activities took place during the afternoon, with table groups comprised of Captains, 1st Lieutenants, RLT members, OOs, and Group Officers. Each group worked through four human resources (HR) scenarios provided by HR Manager Sam Chhay, which represented common interpersonal, communication and disciplinary issues experienced in brigades. These sessions generated lively discussion and were a great opportunity for knowledge sharing as well as gaining practical information about management of common HR matters.

“Workshop exercises encouraged conversation and delivered some practical scenarios”

Networking opportunities

Attendees were invited to introduce themselves to people they didn’t know throughout the meal breaks during the day and to establish new connections amongst their peers.

“Really worthwhile day, great chance to network”

“ Enjoyed networking with other Captains”

Reference kit

A reference kit was also provided on the day which was based on feedback from Captains and First Lieutenants about the kinds of things they would find useful to have as they first moved into this challenging role.  

Last Updated: 27 June 2013