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Career info session for CFA volunteers

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  2.57 PM 18 September, 2014

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CFA volunteers thinking about making the transition to firefighting as a full-time career are invited to attend an information session on Saturday 4 October.

Any members planning to attend should first register for the session, which will run between 10am and 12pm at the CFA State Training College, Fiskville.

As well as a general insight into the career firefighter role, the session will include a discussion about how current volunteers can use their CFA experience to their advantage during the various stages and types of testing.

The selection process uses aptitude, fitness and dexterity tests as well general interviews to short list and ultimately choose the successful applicants – which can take anywhere from between 4 to 12 months. Members attending the session will hear tips about preparing for the tests.

Next year 75 recruits will be placed and trained on three recruit courses starting in May, July and August 2015.  

Current career firefighters with a volunteer background will be presenting at the session, giving attendees the opportunity to hear firsthand about the challenges and benefits of life as a career firefighter.

Contact Tegan Fisher on (03) 9262 8967 by 3 October to register for the session.

Read more about the recruitment campaign here: CFA recruiting now for career firefighters

For general information on career firefighter recruitment please visit

Last Updated: 18 September 2014